Lash Extensions & After Care

Lash Extensions

Our Master Lash Artist *Jamie* offers 3 different styles of lash extensions individuals, volume and mini fills. Haute Look and Lash prices based on lashing needs.

After Care Instructions

Hey ladies! After care instructions include:
Though eyelash extensions are easily maintained, the first 24 hours are crucial for a strong bond. You should keep your lashes dry, avoid oils around the eyes and avoid touching them. Once the first 24 hours are up the after care is fairly simple:  Your new lashes will be resistant to water, sweat and tears. Unfortunately sweat and tears will wear down the bond faster.  The first 48-hours after application the lashes should not be exposed to water or steam to allow the adhesive time to fully bond. We recommend avoiding swimming and the spa for 48 hours after lash application for best results.

Fills and Future Appointments

Fill appointments are then made anywhere from 2-4 weeks after initial full set you’re your next appointment, we will replace any missing lashes and remove all outgrown lashes. Your natural hair growth cycle, hormones, genetics and after care will depend on the length of time you can go between fill's.