Haute Look's Microblading

Haute Look Lashes and Brows also specializes in Microblading, Eyebrows, 3D Brows, and Feather Touch. It’s considered to be permanent makeup, as compared to the traditional hair stroke technique.  The results can last anywhere from 8 to 24 months (or longer!), depending on how the client cares for the area. I take pride in the most comprehensive way to benefit. I have seen quality work, and I have seen work performed by inexperienced technicians that ended in a traumatic experience. It is extremely important to make sure technicians are properly equipped and trained. Proper depth, technique, and artistic design to create beautiful, flawless brows is what I do best. Jamie uses specialized techniques to fill the spaces where hair is not growing or just to give you the shape you always wanted. This procedure can be performed on a wide range different brow types; no hair, some hair, full brows. Microblading, also known as microstroking or 3D eyebrow. Jamie uses a super fine row of needles to create thin, hair like marks on the skin, which last up to 18 months.

How it's Applied

She will use a numbing solution to limit discomfort. This procedure may still cause minimal discomfort to the patient. Microblading service with Haute Look Lashes includes initial procedure and one touch-up.     

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